Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Did

hi guys!

it was a long campaign, but one of the most inspiring times of my life. i have been politically active for most of my life, it seems. i was raised by a conservative father and a radically liberal mother, so you can just imagine the lively dinner conversations. the result? i developed an acute political awareness a long time ago.

however, i became jaded as i watched our government work for fewer and fewer citizens and grow more and more corrupt and broken. i watched us wage war unprovoked and ignore the pleadings of citizens in need.

i was...and am...a supporter of the spirit of the barack obama campaign (and now presidency) and the heart and promise it has brought to america. i love the idea of an america where liberals and conservatives, republicans and democrats, fundamentalists and athiests, pro-life and pro-choice can set aside their differences and agree to disagree while we all work together as americans to recreate the country we know can exist, the country we love. president-elect obama gives us the promise...and opportunity of just that.

i like john mc cain. his service to this country is incredibly honorable and i think his heart belongs to serving others. in the 2000 campaign, i admired his integrity and hated how his fellow republicans sullied his reputation with lies and innuendo.

but this campaign gave me hope and inspiration. barack obama, our president-elect, presented himself to his fellow citizens with humility and authority, with grace and serenity, with an impression of sure-handed leadership...and has told us that he needs our help to return our country to greatness.

so let's join in the celebration of this new president and work together as americans.


B_Atkins said...

I am so glad to see I wasn't the only one who had faith & found it again. I watched friends I had considered more spiritual than I (actually had congregations behind them) spew hatred, spread lies, and help others do so as well. I heard it said I was a spreader of socailistic views....etc....etc....etc until the night before the election. I lost it, at first I thought it was hormones, I was called names by friends in a last ditch effort to sway my vote, of which I was not even sharing with strangers. I had worked with one of the candidates in the past (how many eons I will not tell for fear of appearing my age) and could no longer stand to hear the bad mouthing, for I knew the truth, I knew the man, I knew his actions, & I had worked with him. So I threw some rocks back, apparently it hurt because I choose those extra special rocks that we FACTS. So now my blood pressure is slowly returning, my friends are still licking their wounds because I still have not heard from them.
So Christina, to help me cheer up from losing people in my life I once called friend, and to celebrate an historic, most American election we have ever had, could you send me a recipe made of some red white and blue, but substitute chocolate for the blue.

realsister said...

Remind me again, Christina, why eating eggs is a bad thing? Aren't they a complete protein, loaded with Omega 3s and also (or as Sarah Palin would say "also too") B12? I must say, I feel good when I eat eggs. I need absolution from my egg guilt.

realsister said...

How does this blogging thing work?
Do I sit by my computer and wait until some kind of bells go off to know if my question has been answered? Do I receive an e-mail? I just want to know about eggs. The political system will evolve as it will, and I just hope that Obama has been speaking the truth. Time will tell. Now about eggs.....

vw said...

I am a republican and want to say that the venom and vitriol that was directed at republicans the last eight years has been truly disgusting. During the election many supporters of McCain have had their cars keyed and other acts of vandalism. A black teacher in Fayetteville took a McCain supporter's young daughter and harassed her in the classroom. A Swedish team was filming her. I hope Obama supporters will join me and ask for the firing of this racist for her intimidation tactics.

GoMacro said...

A few blogs back you mentioned a book by Bill Tara "Natural Body Natural Mind". I cannot find that book anywhere. Where can I buy it.

editor said...

Christina! It's Dave, chef Sal's agent.
I appreciate your comments regarding the presidential election and the hope for all parties working towards a better America and global community. The Serenity Prayer is most in need!


I heard you told Jack Foti that you would like to be involved. Please get a hold of me ASAP. Call Sal and let him know that he has permission to give you my numbers (because I do not want to post them here)!

Best Wishes,