Thursday, January 29, 2009

being a part of the process

hi guys-

i just got back from a day in washington, d.c. i was invited to present oral testimony to the senate advisory committee on the new dietary guidelines being issued in 2010. i have to say that i was a nervous wreck...and worked my butt off on research and ideas for my 3 minutes. intimidating would be the best word to describe the experience...until i actually started talking and realized that the entire committee really wanted to hear what i (and all the other people there) had to say...they really wanted to hear our views and our ideas...

just to be a part of that process is amazing. i am not a wild, blind, flag-waving patriot, but i admit to being unbelievably impressed with the fact that we have a government that allows us to speak to them...even if we think they don't listen.

the gist of what i said was simple...that it's time to wake up and smell the toast...that with just one look around at the health (and weight) of the american population to see that the current guidelines are not actually guiding us to health...

so i talked about the health benefits of a plant-based diet. my colleagues of the day included dr neal barnard, the president and founder of physicians' committee for responsible medicine ( and a variety of other nutritionists and activists for the cause of creating awareness for eating a truly healthy diet...a plant-based diet.

and i talked about advertisers and how they confuse the american public by showing fit, slim, healthy people eating junk food...but when most people eat it, well, we know how they end up looking and feeling...

i ended up by saying that there is nothing we can't achieve if we are healthy...and that we will achieve little if we are not...i asked the committee not to turn 'yes, we can' into a campaign slogan, because if we aren't healthy, well...'no, we can't.'

it was so much fun and humbling and awe-inspiring...i was honored to be asked, honored to be a small part of what could be a big change in the way we nourish ourselves.


Susan H. said...

Christina, I noticed on your calendar for February that you will be at the Lincoln Financial Center in Philadelphia on Feb 22. I only know of the Lincoln Financial Field. Is this the same place? Would you please direct me to where I can purchase tickets?

Thank you.

Susan Hoxter

rosiepedals said...

Wow, you are a breath of fresh air for me. Do you ever come to Wisconsin. Milwaukee area?????

the veggie paparazzo said...

Christina, I have a question that I don't see the answer to anywhere on your site. (If it's in one of Christina's books, someone please direct me.) I'm new to trying out the macrobiotic lifestyle, and everything I've read so far says to avoid nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, potatoes) . . . and tropical fruit and chocolate (one of my absolute favorite foods), as well. But I see those foods used regularly in your recipes. Did you eat those from the beginning? Did you add those foods in once you were long healed from your cancer? Do you reject that element of traditional macrobiotics.

I'm trying to find my way through everything and make sense of everything. I'd love to hear back from you about this issue. :)


tie-dyed doula said...

okay, I am sleep deprived and slap happy right now but I have a quick question and I didn't take time to find the proper place to ask it, so I hope that you don't mind me putting it on your blog...yikes? I have just begun to read your new book and it is extraordinarily helpful!! wow!! I am at the part right now of starting the 21 day diet and my question is this: how many servings do I eat? for instance, the tofu soup for breakfast-recipe says it makes 4-6 servings-Do I eat 1 serving and save the rest for other days? How does that work? Please hit me back at if you have the time.
Shine on lady, you are awesome!!
woo hoo!!

Keela said...

Hi, Christina! My PBS station recently started airing your program and I love it! It is my birthday today (2.4.09) and I am buying your books with my "birthday money". :) I have a husband and 3 young boys (9, 6, and 4) and feel strongly that if I don't change the way we are eating, I will not be around to see our boys grow up. Thank you for all you do!

Meg Wolff said...

Hi Christina,
I really liked that you said, "i asked the committee not to turn 'yes, we can' into a campaign slogan, because if we aren't healthy, well...'no, we can't."
Good going!! Thanks for making a difference. XO

Connie E. said...

Hi Christina, having trouble finding recipes. Am watching your show on PBS Create channel (not cable). The show number is 717, is there an easy way to find the recipes on this show? Thank you so much for the great info and recipes, anxious to try them and not be tired anymore! Thanks! Connie

mertletertle said...

I was healed naturally from invasive breast cancer, diagnosed in July '07 and tests were clear in '08 of Feb and July (blood and mam-grm, ultrsnd). My site,, tells my story. The healing plan there costs me only $10 and is free to all.
Be blessed and I'm SO happy you found the path to healing!! and glad I did too.

jillian said...
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jillian said...

Hi Christina! (Sorry I messed this up the first time) Thanks so much for your devotion to nutritional education! I work at an elementary school and am constantly appalled at what the cafeteria is offering our next generation.

I have two questions for you, and am curious about the answers to questions from the veggie paparazzo and the tie-dyed doula because I have wondered those things myself.

My first question, what do you think about coffee? I've been reading you new book (LOVE IT! It's exactly what I needed) and was trying to start the 21 day diet but realized the first morning that I wasn't sure how my morning cup of coffee factored in. I have two other books of yours and couldn't find coffee mentioned in the index, and don't remember you discussing it?
Second, can I make two remedies in one? For example, could I add Kombu to the Carrot-Diakon Drink, or Kombu to the Shiitake Tea? Killing two birds with one stone basically?

Thanks so much! (sorry I have so many questions!)


Madam B.Fly said...

Hi Christina,

First of all, thank you for your energy and knowledge in the world of natural foods and living. My family and I are truly appreciative for your show and your books, as they are just what we need in the world of Food Network induced sugar and fat comas the world over (though I do convert lots of recipes on FN for our vegan lifestyle, still)

I have two questions for you. Do you use vegan soy cheese on your show, and if so, what brand? I am having a hard time finding them without casein in them.

Also, I wanted to know if you are ever in the Indianapolis area, I would love to come out and meet you.

Thanks again,

Uzuri Asad