Wednesday, February 11, 2009


hi guys-

i know; i's been way too long since i blogged, but it has been a week...or more? yikes, i have completely lost track!

some quick answers to questions i see posted. coffee...i love it, but i reserve it for a treat once a's tough on the adrenals and kidneys and can make you feel chronically fatigued, so be careful with it...if you drink it regularly, wean to drinking less; otherwise headaches can result. but try to drink for remedies, nope...can't really combine them...weird flavors and you will compromise their effects...the vegan cheese i use is made by 'follow your heart.' i love it because it's pretty pure, ingredient-wise and actually has a nice flavor and is low in's soy based so i use it occasionally.

okay, today's point.

yesterday was a most amazing day. my mentor, bill have all heard me speak of him...came to philly to create the pilot episode for the new public radio show we are developing. it's called 'well, well, well' and bill will be my co-host. my gratitude to him is without bounds. i remember when i was new to teaching and i had hit a spot of pretty tough adversity...i was thinking about quitting teaching altogether. i was at a conference and i will never forget bill's support and guidance that kept me in the game...and here we are...after all these years, working together. by the way, if you have not gotten his new book yet, get it...'natural body, natural mind.' if you have trouble finding it, we'll be adding it to my site soon.

the show will be a magazine format with lots of segments on healthy, natural health, green living and politics...there will be experts, recipes, interviews, jokes and lots of great information for you to use in your life.

we hope to have the show on the air by next year, so i will keep you posted...i know i am jumping the gun on telling you about it, but i am excited and soooooo thrilled to be adding radio to our repertoire...and since the pilot went so well, i just had to tell you.

so i am off to new mexico to teach healthy cooking at an elementary school in a partnership with campbell's soup, who are committed to helping kids make better choices...yep, you heard me! it's been quite an experience to work with them to develop this program and this school is the first of 6 across the country that i will visit.

so i'll tell you all about it when i get back next week!

have a great week!


Luke said...

ummm ummm good

Kiki said...


I just wanted to thank you for being so passionate about taking care of our bodies naturally. I have been a vegetarian for 2 years and transitioning to veganism.

I am so glad that I found your series on Create! I watch your show religiously twice a week and have tried some of those recipes and I just wanted to say thank you for making the dishes savory. I have learned a TON these past few weeks.

Will you ever consider coming out to Utah and doing a seminar type thing?

Kristen's Raw said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Pear Street Studios said...

Hi there!
I started reading your book and had a question. Is Kombu the same as Kombucha? Thanks!

Adriana said...


Hi. A quick question. I will start on your 21 day-plan as outlined in your book, but will do it on my own. The recipes list 4-5 servings...should I just half the ingredients, or can they be re-heated? (I know it is better to eat things fresh, but I don't want to waste either).

Thanks for your help.

jimstone bones said...

i am new to watching your show only because i was sick and missed school todday. but i sall the spoons that you were useing and they are absolutely spoonular!
(really cool with the word spoon in it) ;P i was wondering were you get them. there the ones with curvy stems and desines on them. and do you have a myspace?

Vegetarian WLSer said...

I have to tell you. This weekend I made your lace cookies and they are my new favorite. I used to make lace cookies around the holidays but I stopped making them because of all of the corn syrup the recipe called for. I have found my replacement and they are better than the original! I can't thank you enough.

Mel said...

Saw your show for the first time this weekend. Liked it very much. Just made your Scrambled Tofu dish and my husband and I will try it for dinner tonight. This is our first try for Tofu. (I tasted it..good !) I have spent 2 years taking off almost 100 pounds and ended up not very healthy. Dr. say's I was malnutritioned. We do not eat much meat and do not get enough protein. Also not enough healthy fat.So I began eating like a pig and put on 20 pounds..I am going to begin using your recipes and using whole foods more. We'll see how things go...Thanks for all the great meal ideas. I let you know how we like them !!