Thursday, August 14, 2008

olympic fever

well, we're all doing it...or most of us anyhow...catching olympic fever and cheering as athletes from all over the world perform the most incredible feats of physical ability we will ever see.

watching the synchronized divers last night, i was amazed at the lightness and lithe qualities of the chinese bodies as they slipped seamlessly into the pool. our divers seemed almost clumsy next to them (trust's all amazing since i could not imagine doing it at all). we're taller, more powerfully built, less intense, but we also seem to have a little more fun with all of this than the other teams.

and then there's michael phelps...the 8th, 9th and 10th wonder of the swim world. there seems to be no end to his energy, strength and capability. as a former competitive swimmer, i sit with my jaw on the floor as he glides through the water like he is part fish!

but today i read an interview with him where he talked about what he eats when he is training and it was like watching a train wreck. his diet consists of a festival of fast foods, saturated fat and junk food. what a shame. what lousy fuel to feed such a gifted and precious body.

i am always amazed that so many athletes have such little regard for making healthy food choices. oh, some do...and maybe it's just the folly of youth and the feeling of invincibility that comes with being 23 and physically gifted, but it would make sense that they would want the best fuel for these fine-tuned machines that perform such feats of skill.

as an athlete, i can tell you that what i eat is a hugely important factor in how well i train and perform. a skipped meal, a poor lunch or an indulgence means that my gym session, run, bike ride or race will not be so much fun. and i know that i am not in my 20's anymore, but i would hope as these young athletes age and the time comes for them to pass their wisdom to the next generation, they will learn a few things about nourishing those magnificent bodies with more than just a lot of calories, saturated fat and junk.

the olympics show us what humanity is capable of...getting along, healthy competition, communication and peaceful coexistence, the universal nature of humanity...but i do hope our michael sweeps the gold!

see you next week.


Lauren said...

I heard about his diet as well and I was disgusted! We need a vegan in the Olympics!!!

Dad said...

Can you provide any proof that you really had leukemia and were
"Cured" by healthy eating ? Doctor's names, hospital, etc. ? You continue to make that claim but have never provided any substantiation.

Also, please stop linking the cause of pediatric cancer to unhealthy eating or suggesting that healthy eating could somehow cure these children. These comments are demeaning to the parents that have children in treatment or have lost children to pediatric cancers.

Would you be interested in devoting any of your non-profit resources to supporting children and families of pediatric cancers ?

Paula said...

Is your show still on television? I am so disappointed that I can't find it on PBS/Create or Comcast 8. Are you in production with a new show? Can your fans purchase old shows via your website soon?

Jenn V. said...

I must have watched the same show as you, Christine. I too was amazed at how much fat is in his diet. Let's hope he wises up in the coming months while he takes some time off. ;-)

christea said...

Hi Christina --- Just read your newsletter. It was very informative. Your insight on the "raw foods diet" makes sense. You can subscribe to Christina's newsletter on her website. It's worth every penny! Sending good energy your way Christina go negate the bad energy from "Dad". What I especially find fascinating is info you have mentioned on your past cooking shows (even from years ago) is now coming to pass in some of the main stream medical community. However, they still have a lot of catching up to do! You rock woman! Also, can you address the cooking show, when/what radio station you will be on and when that is going to launch in one of your upcoming blogs. Lastly, please think about putting your old series on DVD. Have a great week!