Wednesday, August 13, 2008

baking soda

hi guys-

i love to share things i hear about with all of you and today is no exception. i received an email from a neighbor about an italian oncologist, dr tullio simoncini, who is doing the most amazing things with cancer treatment. he has discovered (and written a book about...) that cancer is, in fact, a fungus and can be treated as such with great success. he's not whacky, but quite right when you think about it. but rather than anti-fungal drugs, which have side effects, his treatments, which have shown great success, particularly with lung and prostate cancer, involves 'bathing' the tumor with a solution of water and baking know, the stuff that keeps your fridge fresh.

it's so simple; it's brilliant. think about it. according to the principles of natural healing and chinese medicine, disease, including cancer is caused by an overly acidic internal condition. baking soda is the ultimate alkalizing agent...if it can keep food from decomposing in the fridge, keep produce from getting moldy (fungus) what else is it capable of?

now before you assume i have lost my grip and am off my rocker, consider that dr simoncini has video of lungs before and after treatment and shows lung tissue going from white and tumor-filled to pink and healthy in less than a week. less than a week!!! his theory is that beneath the surface tissue of a tumor (which is all that is tapped into for a biopsy) lies the fungus mass and when it is treated with this alkaline solution, it starves and dies, leaving healthy tissue behind.

the downside is that the tumor has to be directly bathed by the solution of baking soda, which will most likely involve the insertion of catheter into the body by a surgeon. the only side effect he is showing is a small risk of infection at the site of the catheter. but no side effects to the treatment...imagine treating cancer without nausea, hair loss, debilitating side effects and incredible results.

it's so simple, most people will dismiss dr simoncini as crazy or a snake oil me, i know about that type of reaction. how can food cure cancer? how can something simple and natural make such an impact on our health and well-being? if it was true, wouldn't every doctor advise natural approaches to treatment before the big guns of chemotherapy and radiation (and all their accompanying side effects)? wouldn't we all be advised to eat a plant based diet, alkalize our blood and see if we can help our bodies to heal naturally? would the pharmaceutical cartels allow for that?

i have done a good bit of research on dr simoncini's theory and i think it holds water, as the saying goes. it's so simple, it's hard to believe...but what if?

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Lauren said...

Hey Christina,
I heard about this recently as well. I think it's great and anything that can cure something naturally is worth giving a try!

Lauren said...

P.S. When are you going to come to my neck of the woods in NJ and having a cooking demo? I missed one a few years ago when you were in Garwood, that's only a town over!! I was so mad I had to miss it!! Comming to the Westfield, NJ area anytime soon?

christea said...

I am transitioning to a vegan diet that includes no white flour, no simple sugars (monosaccharides), no dairy for the overall health benefits. Even though I have all of your books and some other vegan book and have seen all of your programs, it went right over my head that a plant-based diet alkalizes your blood. I have watched you speak in your television programs about how different foods affect your blood chemistry. I use the brown rice syrup from Suzannes-Specialties. Thank you for this information and all of your other product recommendations, Christina. Keep up the good work!

Anthony said...

This is absolutely fascinating! It is so simple that it reaches the verge of being hillarious. I cannot wait to learn more about this doctor and his amazing research, and thank you for sharing!

Kristin said...

So, eating a plant based diet helps to alkalize our bodies? sorry - new to this. - is there other things to do/eat to help alkalize our bodies more?moose711