Thursday, August 7, 2008

cape cod and all things summer

hey kids-

it's that time...we're well into august and already tv is bombarding us with 'back to school' sales, fall clothes and getting ready for cold weather. and then, on another channel, we have some self-help loony tune telling us to live in the moment. yikes!

but enough! last week, i blogged that i was headed off to cape cod for the weekend and i received a comment telling me about a great organic produce stand not far from where my husband's family home lies. while i have been to the cape many times and in every season, there is nothing quite like summer on the cape (unless of course, you are there at christmas, when it seems that there are twinkling lights and magic around every corner...or autumn, when the color and beauty are more than you can take in...)...okay, i love the cape!

this was a working weekend, as my mother-in-law is laying hardwood floors throughout the house and we went up to help out with that process. but we found the time to take a spin to nearby cummaquid to check out jean's little farm stand and to have a chat with her. a feisty 86-year-old, she told us all about the farm; showed us around the field...and of course, sold us some amazing veggies. the cherry tomatoes were like candy and the green beans (sauteed with garlic and lemon zest) were to die for!

there is nothing like summer for me. i love all seasons, but summer is the best. i love the abundance of vegetables and fruit, lush and ripe...perfection! i love the long, leisurely evenings in the garden (even my small city oasis) and weekends on the cape, where it seems i discover something new and wonderful every time. from jean's farmstand to the pottery co-op in the village of barnstable, this was a weekend of new discoveries about the cape for me.

as many times as i go there...and as much as the drive is long and tedious, i feel the tension melt from my shoulders as i drive across the bridge, feel the cool breeze on my face and smell the sea air. it's a magical place and i am so blessed to have family there which makes it even more special.

be well...i'm back to work now...laundry awaits!

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christea said...

Hi Christina --- Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend on the Cape. I'm so pleased you were able to make it out to Kelly Farm. Jean is an absolute treasure, a wealth of information about farming organically and has such a beautiful spirit. Jean oversees the Cape Cod Organic Garden Club. Membership is $5 a year and you can view their newsletter on-line. They have a fundraising plant sale in June at Kelly Farm where you can get some wonderful organic plants (herbs, lettuce, tomatoes) very, very affordably. Farming and fishing were the way of life before tourism became a major industry. It's wonderful to see so many locals get back to farming and farming organically. Thanks for the heads-up about the pottery co-op in Barnstable. I haven't been there, but will be sure to check it out!