Wednesday, September 3, 2008

rock the vote!

hi guys-

me again...late again...i took some time off for the long weekend and did not even think about computers, email, phones and whatever else...hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...

but i did watch tv...last week, i was mesmerized by the democratic convention...and this week i am fascinated by the republicans' party in minnesota. everyone says that the 2 parties are pretty much the same thing these days and that it doesn't matter who takes office this coming january. i think that those people could not be more wrong.

i won't get all political on you...i don't think you all care who i am voting for or support...i am sure that many of you can guess...either way you may lean, conservative or liberal, this election is proving to be historic with both an african-american and a woman on tap to enter the white house. either way, it's a big step for this country.

but i am noticing something as i watch both conventions. the democratic platform seems to be more about taking care of each other, of taking personal responsibility for who we are and what we do, about diplomacy and repairing foreign relations, about a government that makes it possible for all of us to make our dreams come true if we are willing to work hard. the republicans seem to be talking more about keeping the country safe from harm, worrying and staying, as president bush said in his address, 'on the offensive' to protect our country and its interests...and about having a government that makes it possible for all of us our dreams come true if we work hard. it's interesting to me.

regardless of the color, age or gender of any candidate, i think that it's time for americans to put down their cheesburgers for just a minute and educate themselves on the ideals of each party and then decide which one embodies their personal ideology the most. and then step into that little booth in november and vote for the party that will take the country in the direction they'd like to see it go. with all the mud-slinging going on, we need to remember that our elections are not about the candidates; they are about us. we decide what this country will be.

we can stay as we are, pay it forward or take huge steps backward. americans are wonderful, compassionate, caring, generous, clever, open-hearted, savvy, smart people. we live in a country founded on optimism, progressive ideas and revolutionary thinking.

this election will change everything. be a part of it and vote.

ps...we'll get back to food and health in the next blog, i promise!

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Sheli said...

Hi Christina! I don't know if you remember me but I was at your Pennsylvania cooking class this past year with my mom Eleanore and we're pretty much twins. :) I'm trying to make cupcakes for someone at my job and I want to adjust the recipe to be vegan and healthy. I know you have a cupcake recipe in your cookbook but I want to learn how to substitute in recipes so I can continue to use all the cook books I already have.

I was wondering if you could talk in your blog about Organic Zero and Stevia and let us know if you're pro/against using them and what kind of adjustments need to be made when baking with them.

Also, this recipe I'm looking at uses brown sugar, eggs, and milk chocolate. I know I can use grain sweetened chocolate instead and I have vegan substitutes for butter and whole wheat pastry flour, but what do I use instead of eggs? and what's the ratio of brown rice syrup to brown sugar?

Another version I was going to make was with white chocolate. Is there a "healthy" version of white chocolate? and confectioners sugar?

Sorry for the long post :)
Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer me!