Friday, December 12, 2008

tis the season

hi guys-

sorry to be late this's been one of those, ya' know?

quick answers to some questions before the blog...

kombucha is a very good thing...if you can get it down, which i can' hubby swears by it and i know it's completely healthy, but it's too strong for me...

raw spinach is the best way to eat it, as long as you wash it well...using it raw inhibits the release of oxylic acid that can inhibit your body's ability to use calcium, so have at it...raw mushrooms, i am not so or not, i lean toward cooking...but if they are clean, you might be okay...

okay,'s the holidays and i have been working like crazy, which is normal and i love my work and am completely blessed, so i have no complaints.

but i have been these economic times, most of us can't shop like we usually do for christmas (that may be a good thing...) and many are wondering what they can do to make the holidays special without a lot of stuff.

in our house, we spend most of our holiday money on food and having people over...a seems to me that i am having people over for meals more than i go out...making a meal for friends and loved ones allows you to nurture in a way that no gift could. and if you can't have people over, then make some delicious food and knock on a neighbor's door and share it.

if cooking is not your thing, then try doing a good deed for someone each day of this glorious will find yourself doing it all year round, trust me. run an errand for an elderly neighbor; watch a busy mom's kids for an hour so she can hit the gym or get a manicure; do someone's grocery shopping; bake cookies for a friend or your child's class...and if all this fails, just smile at a will make their day...and yours.

enjoy the season...for all the right reasons.


Lauren said...

Have a great holiday Christina! :) I am looking forward to getting your book for Christmas (it was on my Christmas list.. I BETTER get it!) Hehe!

P.S. I love Kombucha..grape is the best flavor! ;)

Anthony said...

Thanks for the kombucha info! I too am planning to do more food as gifts this year, which I'm surprised I never thought to do in the past!

christea said...

Hi Christina ~ beautiful holiday sentiment. It also makes a good New Year's resolution as we begin a new era with a new President and the healing of America.

Your new book is on my Chrismas list too! Can't wait to receive it and read it!

christea said...

Hi Christina --- Just read your e-newsletter. For anyone on the blog, subscribe! It's totally worth it.

My mother passed away 10 years ago and her birthday is Dec. 24th. I was very touched by the story about your mother. You mention her often in your shows, but it is insightful how her legacy continues through you and has grown to bless many other people in her life. Thank you for sharing this story.