Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Back Home Again

ciao kids!

sorry to be off the blog for so long. while we had web access in Italy, well, let's just say it was spotty on a good day.

i have to say this and i promise not to 'sell.' if you have the chance, you absolutely must join us in Italy one day. it will rock your world. our 13 guests had the greatest experience of la dolce vita; saw all the great sights in Tuscany; sampled great local, organic wine; were left breathless by the David...and yes, enjoyed the very cool food my crew and i cooked.

but i am back home and working hard. it's about 100o here in the northeast part of the country and the days are sizzling. my little city garden is frying in the sun, but the shade of my gorgeously lush magnolia, holly tree and wisteria provide welcome shade to the little nasturtium blossoms everywhere.

as much as i love to cook, i will admit that it's a challenge in this weather. chocolate dipped strawberries are all i really want, but Robert seems to need real food...imagine that! so last night, i stuffed perfect artichokes with breadcrumbs and tomato pesto and steamed them for an hour. easy, sexy and yummy. with a chilled crisp salad, we were in heaven.

tomorrow, i will be working at my favorite charity...the kids in the culinary program at one of our inner city high schools. we have created raised beds to grow veggies and herbs and tomorrow we celebrate the first harvest of the season (and the last before school ends) with a lunch that we will all cook together from what we grew. it should be a blast, so i will fill you in when i get home.

until tomorrow! for now, i am off to boot camp!


JerLor said...

Hi from Germany: WE are retired Americans who just sold their home on NW Connecticut and now live in SW Germany. One of the things we miss about "back home" is not seeing your show!! We go to Italy and Austria quite often. Another thing is that we can find nothing about John Michael's music on the web..
Your food is great! Miss you!

Anthony said...

This question is completely off topic from this blog post (although my goal is to someday soon go on one of your amazing trips!). I know that you love AstaVita products, but when I went to their website I noticed that an ingredient in them is gelatin. Do you know of a one that is vegan? Or do you take the gelatin containing ones?